The basic necessities of life- Food, Clothing and Shelter- find answer in one word- Modakpriya. Modakpriya believes in addressing the basic needs of the common man and determine customized and innovative solutions towards the achievement ofthese.

Food, Clothing & Shelter is the minimum that you require, but cm YOU IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES of saving for the dream home, while you are buying your basic supplies of consumer items?

In this context, Modakpriya has made its mark in the past couple of veers in the fields of Reel Estate. Apparel and Garment Consumer Products, like Atta, Rice, Pulses, Spices, Soaps and Detergents et al. And, in the process, it wants to establish its credibility with YOU in the coming 3 years. The ability to connect all three fundamentally, so that the consumer is benefited at the end, is the core philosophy of the Organization. Modakpriya presents to you an original idea that allows you to go up the economic ladder and take care of your financial 8 growth as well.